In any project, three elements constantly work with each other. These elements are the scope, schedule and budget. The Scope, Schedule and Budget page provides areas to input the information. This is a guide to help you decide which features are should be included in each section.

Scope-The described features of the project. For example, in planning a birthday party, this would include a birthday cake, food, decorations, loot bags, etc. This scope can be further defined as to what type of birthday cake will be included in the party. Instead of describing a birthday cake, specify that it’s a chocolate 10 inch cake with a bear in the center. The more specific, the better for the scope to avoid any misunderstandings.

Schedule- This describes the activities, deliverable and milestones needed to complete the project. In the case of the birthday party, this would include the time it would take to acquire the scope and the setting up of the environment for the party. This includes the date you start the gathering the elements of the scope until the end of the birthday party with dates of acquiring the decorations, calling the entertainment, baking/purchasing the cake.

Budget-This is the fun stuff. The budget looks at the money and resources that are needed to complete the project. How much money/resources to do you have to complete the birthday party? The budget looks at the money you have to fund the birthday party.